An Eternal Graffiti…

This blog is a special room of mine; a room where I can just sit, think deep and reflect. And at other times, snore too 😛

Words play around… right, left, up, down…centre.

And sometimes, on a rainy day you end up reading something on the cash receipt of your favorite Vero denim; wondering – did I really write that? It got me wondering that how many thoughts, ideas, and experiences must be getting lost everyday. Just like that.

So constructing a room for myself came as  a noble idea for the world around and a tad bit of an adventurous idea for my own sake 😀

I LouUuve…

There are zillion of things that I love….

“Poems. Smiling. Laughing. Tea. Books. Quotations. Nature. Traveling. Animals. Flowers. Flying. Dancing. Sleeping. Daydreaming. Writing. Reading. Teaching. Playing. Shopping. Anchoring. Wearing Kohl. Bright colors… too many.”


~Long did I stay
Unaware of the seasons
But poems like my Sun
Tread upon me
Can only gather me!


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Sharing is almost like spreading a smile; sexy ain’t it? Do show some love by following and liking my blog.

Stay Blessed 🙂



8 thoughts on “An Eternal Graffiti…

  1. Shashi kumar sinha says:

    You appear to be quite observant and very sensitive. The topics of interest that you have mentioned speak volumes for your sensitivity. The way you seem to be receptive about the comments on your write ups go to show the streak of humility in you. This is sure to take you to places in life. I wish you Godspeed in your venture. Stay blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You can fly? Teach me!


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